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From 1st of July, eMan is a joint-stock company

As we grow, we are heading for the stock market, and changing from a limited liability company to a joint-stock company. What does that change? And why are we doing this?

1st June 2020, eMan transformed from a limited liability company (s.r.o.) to a joint-stock company (a.s.). From the point of view of our customers, team members and partners, nothing but the letters after the company name have changed. Our ID number, VAT number and registered office address in Holešovice remain unchanged (you can find everything here).


Why change to a joint-stock company?

The main reason for the change in the legal form of eMan is the planned entry into the PX Start market on the Prague Stock Exchange, which we announced in March. We plan an IPO in the first half of July. We will publish specific information in the middle of June.


Another reason why we decided to transform into a joint-stock company is the introduction of an employee share program. We perceive employee shares as an interesting and effective tool for strengthening the relationship between the company and its team members.


Why right now?

We have been preparing employee shares and our entrance in the stock market for many months. The advent of the COVID-19 crisis was not and is not a reason for us to change the plan. On the contrary, in the current situation, we feel an extraordinary opportunity that can significantly strengthen eMan’s position in the market. The need to digitize is being talked about everywhere today and helping companies in the field of digital transformation is precisely our domain.

Jiri Horyna
Jiri Horyna
CEO & Co-founder


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