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Banking is serious business. Yet, employees of Sberbank can now work playfully with clearly arranged data, a communication tool, and positive motivation. An application helps them do this, and thanks to development of this application, the bank found a partner in us on whom they can rely for the long term.


Sberbank, a.s.


2019 – 2020

DATA + business = game

The Sberbank creative team came up with the idea to develop a mobile application that would make the work of bankers easier and more enjoyable. In tandem with their IT department, they put together a set of functionalities that the application should contain, along with a blueprint of the user experience. This meant efficient data processing in the shortest possible time – data that is easily accessible to anyone who might need it. A tool for motivation, rankings generation, and viewing of statistics of colleagues and branches. Plus a simple communication channel. Then, all the bank had to do was to find a partner to finalize the details and develop the app – and that partner was eMan.


An overview of employee performance, teams, and branches

Every trader can see how they, their team, or their branch is doing at any time. They also have an overview of their colleagues and other teams. Managers at all levels can use this data for further planning.

Product success overview

Which product sells the most? In what combination? And to which clients? Information useful for both the bank and for the traders themselves – all together in rows.


World of Warcraft banking

… not quite. But traders can collect achievements, compete for prizes, and climb the rankings in different categories. We plan to supplement and develop this function over time. There can never be too many games.


If you’re going to connect, then make it everyone and everything

The application has its own communication channel, via which management can inform employees of the latest events and current happenings inside and outside the company.

The dark side of the power of design

Sbercoins was the first application we introduced with dark mode support – at a time when this was not yet widespread.

From mercenary to partner

The bank’s original intention was to hire a separate application development team under bank management. During the cooperation with us, however, they found a partner that brings new ideas, and on whom they can rely for the long term.

During the team-leasing trial period, we proved so successful that Sberbank established closer cooperation with us. The development was agile, though not according to methodology; iterative development after sprints showed that, with regular communication, we are able to truly accommodate. It was the first time we had set up such a responsibility for such a solution – and it turned out well. During joint workshops, specific proposals were created, which were then handed over to the eMan team for final development. We are proud that we managed to create this application together with Sberbank, unique in the banking sector.

Explorers of new waters: SwiftUI
We developed the whole system at the advent of iOS 13, when SwiftUI was still in beta version. We were therefore one of the first to develop in this interface.

A solution as light as a cloud

…and development as heavy as a stone. Sberbank insisted on using the latest technologies. That’s why their analytics team recast all the data into a base in Firebase. We then connected this foundation to the emerging application.


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