We have enabled ŠKODA AUTO dealers and their importers to connect more effectively with customers. This makes it easier for them to achieve their business goals. Thanks to a simple web application and reliably targeted campaigns.


ŠKODA Auto, a.s.


2019 – 2020

Getting to the right eyes

September 2019. ŠKODA AUTO wants to better create targeted marketing offers of service products and other services via the MyŠKODA application. eMan played a significant role in the development of this application, which most of the target group has their eyes on every day. Hence, the app seemed to be an ideal means of publishing marketing campaigns. All that remained was to figure out which way the representatives of importers or ŠKODA itself would get to it.

Have a strong foundation…

The assignment was clear, and development proceeded according to the so-called waterfall model. Due to the necessary changes that resulted during the work, the flexibility and readiness of the team capable of working agilely came in handy. The biggest challenge was the implementation of the application into the existing system. By January 2020, we already had a functional model that had to be tested and fine-tuned.

Backend technology

  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • EntityFramework Core 2

Frontend technology:

  • React 16
  • Node 10
  • Docker 2
  • Webpack 4


…and tailor-made offers can go worldwide

The users come first for us, and we want the mobile application to improve their lives – not poison them. Thus, each user can first decide whether they agree to receive information about special offers and tailor-made promotions, or not.

The system is very simple for its users. Using a web application, they create a campaign and choose who to target – geographically, according to their favorite service partner, according to the model, equipment, or age of the car. So, whether the customer is on the other side of the globe or in the very heart of one of the ŠKODA factories, they are informed about the new offer in time, via the MyŠKODA mobile application.

It reaches only those customers who have given marketing approval and whose car meets the parameters of the offer. This brings financial savings to the sponsor and a more pleasant user experience for customers, who receive only relevant offers.

After launching the campaign, notifications will appear to specific customers, followed by an advertising banner in the MyŠKODA application. It then collects information about customer reactions: how many people received the push notification, how many saw a banner ad, and how many clicked on it. This way, customer requirements can be monitored, and the effectiveness of different types of campaigns can be tested.

If the advert doesn’t suit one of the users, they can remove it from their application at any time by disabling the marketing consent.

In a nutshell? The campaign sponsor has all the tools and statistics together in one web application, through which they can easily create any campaign. And customers receive only offers that might really interest them.


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