About us

Turn smart technologies into your competitive advantage. We deliver applications for smartphones, tablets, websites, cars and other smart devices.


It was four of us when we founded eMan in 2010. Our team has nearly 100 people today and we are present in Europe as well as in North America. We have over ten years’ experience in development, operations, quality assurance, servicing information systems, and design.


Experience and know-how
Quality and high standard
Speed ​​and flexibility
Latest technology
Complex solution
Personal approach

eMan in numbers

2010 Market Entry
150+ Team Members
€10.5M Yearly Sales in 2022
30+ Received Awards
200+ Implemented Projects
Passion for Technology

It is all about people

Four of us founded eMan and four of us still drive it forward.

Michal Kosek, CEO and Member of the Board

ince 2022, he has been the executive director of eMan a.s. His main task is the company’s strategy.

Jiri Horyna, Chair of the Board

He has held the position of CEO for more than ten years, he is something like a father founder of eMan.

Tomas Cermak, CMO and Member of the Board

Our marketing guru. He makes sure that eMan and our products are known to the wider world.

Jan Horyna, Member of the Board

Links us with clients. It is not enough to have a great product, you also need to deliver it to someone it helps.

What we do for you

We advise and help you with digital transformation. We provide applications for smartphones, tablets, websites, cars, and other smart devices as well as more complex solutions. CHOOSE FROM OUR SERVICES


The typical course of development has 4 steps: Planning, Analysis & Design, Development & Distribution, and finally Service. We prefer agile development, because that way you can change anything along the line and, of course, it carries lower risks. We use our own internal system for project management, and we work with the latest technologies. PEAK BEHIND THE CURTAIN


We do great work and we are pleased that not only our clients but also jury members in field competitions recognize that. We are proud to present a number of awards.



We don’t stand on sidelines nor do we keep the know-how to ourselves. We have been cooperating with technology manufacturers and suppliers in the ICT and outsourcing fields for years.

  We also cooperate with universities and are members of a major industry organization.


Events and fairs

We are happy to participate and take part in interesting professional events.

  We organize events not only for ourselves internally but also externally for all of you.


We support


We pay attention to quality (ISO 9001), information security (ISO/IEC 27001, TISAX) and the environment (ISO 14001) and competence in IT service management (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018).
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