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Smart technologies, innovations

From the development of simple mobile apps for smartphones and tablets we quickly moved on to extensive and sophisticated solutions. Smart cars, virtual reality or the Internet of things are areas where we thrive.

Never-ending challenges, learning and gaining experience

The things we do quickly propel us forward together.

Friendly company culture

We are a great group of young people excited about the newest technologies. We are team players, tuned to the same note. There is no big corporate culture, but relaxed and friendly environment.

Nice working environment

We have brand new, modern offices. You can relax while playing table football, Xbox or working out on a punching bag.

Very good financial evaluation and working benefits

An adequate financial reward for the job done is essential. Besides that, we also offer a lot of benefits. For example, refreshments at the workplace, regular team-building and sports events, possibility of having a home-office, renting a company car, adjustable desks and more…

Solid background and stability

We are strong players on the Czech market so we are expanding into the US.

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Our values

eMan is about people. About people who share a vision, mission and respect common values.



We are open. Open to colleagues, clients, new ideas… We are team players who can pull together.


We live in a revolutionary period with lots of changes. The ability to be flexible and quickly react to new challenges is essential to succeeding.


We have a sense for fair play in every aspect of both working and personal life.


Daring and innovative acts are essential for success, even if they come with the risk of making mistakes and finding dead ends.


We understand that the perpetual learning and personal growth of each of us is the prerequisite for success.

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