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eMan buys back its share from Jablotron

Michal Kosek, Tomas Cermak, Jiri Horyna, Jan Horyna

In January 2016 Jablotron acquired a part of eMan, the leading Czech software developer. After more than two years, both parties have agreed to end the ongoing cooperation. Therefore, the founders of eMan are buying back from Jablotron their 60% share of the company. The value of the transaction is in the tens of millions of Czech crowns.

The reason behind this is the fact that the mutual expectations were not met. The two parties did not manage to find enough mutual topics on common development after more than two years. Moreover, the strategies of both companies are only growing apart with time.

“We would like to express our gratitude for the two years together; it helped eMan grow, move to new premises, and gain new clients. We are very happy that this “divorce” happened amicably on friendly and proper terms,” said Jiri Horyna, the CEO of eMan.

“We entered into this project with a clear vision for the upcoming cooperation. I am very happy that we talked about the current situation and agreed on a solution that puts the future of the company back in eMan’s hands,” said Miroslav Jarolím, the CEO of Jablotron Group.

Jiri Horyna
Jiri Horyna
CEO & Co-founder


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