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eMan at HIT career in Hradec Králové

Even in Hradec we are right at home. That’s why we’ve decided to strengthen awareness of our company in this region. On 21 February we paid a visit to the Faculty of Informatics and Management, where the 2017 HIT Career Job Fair was being held.

We love job fairs, especially personal meetings with young developers like you. Things were no different in Hradec. We had the opportunity to introduce you to many of the projects we are working on.

There was also a competition for the Raspberry PI 3. Winner Daniel Lenc is already getting it up and running.

Our project architect Honza Motyčák lectured on the theme Theory vs. reality in development and its impact on the team. Or a look under the hood of project management in our country.

Last but not least, we met with faculty representatives and initiated closer cooperation. FIM students will be able to register for a practical course, getting an internship with us.

Hit Career in Hradec Králové was the first of a long list of fairs which we are preparing for. In the near future you can meet us, for example, at Co@FIT in Prague or the Career Fair at ZCU Pilsen.

Luboš Melichar

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