What it is like to bring up eMan. Reflections on the entry of Jablotron into the company eMan | eMan

What it is like to bring up eMan. Reflections on the entry of Jablotron into the company eMan

When we started bringing up our common child, the company eMan in 2010, with partners Tomas Cermak, Michal Kosek and Jan Horyna, we had no idea how difficult raising a child was.

Perhaps any parent, any business person who built something from scratch would agree with that. In spite of this, one’s own experience, as all parents know, is non-transferable and we’ve also been through almost everything that could happen in bringing up a child. We celebrated with great joy the first word, in our case the first large corporate customer.

We spent countless sleepless nights when teeth and more customers were growing . Even though a lot of them have already fallen out, new ones have grown in their place (including wisdom teeth). We experienced the first words and the first illnesses and then other words and other illnesses. And although it seemed that we wouldn’t survive some of them together, we did survive … learned our lessons and grew stronger. We lived through adolescence, successes, disappointments, parties and hangovers. We went through all of that and although at times we needed to give that boy of ours a good spanking, we believe that we raised a healthy, confident, polite young man with a great future.

But you know how it goes. The boy gets a crush, and before you know it…. … Fortunately, the girl is from a good family, her parents are nice and to be honest the dowry isn’t bad either. So the wedding took place on 1 January 2016, and the bride’s name is Jablotron. Of course, we shed a few tears. On the other hand, we wish those young ones of ours all the best and we believe a bright future awaits them. We believe that we’ll soon live to see another child, for which they have allegedly been trying for some time now.

What to say in conclusion. Thank you to all the uncles, aunts, grandmothers … our employees, customers, partners, and all who wished us well. We believe the combination of our companies will provide eMan with great stability and a strong background, synergy in the projects that we are planning, especially in the area “Internet of Things”, help in the penetration of foreign markets and in addition to existing customers (who the transaction does not affect at all … at least not negatively) new customers as well.

Thank you and please keep us in your good graces.

Jiri Horyna
Managing Director

Jablotron enters the company eMan [PRESS RELEASE]

Jiri Horyna
Jiri Horyna
CEO & Co-founder


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