Mobile app made by eMan will familiarize you with the TEDx events | eMan

Mobile app made by eMan will familiarize you with the TEDx events

We all in eMan are fans of sharing ideas that are worth spreading. That is the reason why we decided to become a partner of the world-wide known TEDx movement in Prague. Under the terms of the partnership we developed a mobile application TEDxPrague which enables participants of the upcoming conference titled "under the surface" to have all the information at hand.

Mobile application TEDxPrague is designed for participants and those who are interested in events under the patronage of TEDxPrague. This application for iPhone and smartphones with Android OS will offer, apart from the news, detailed information on particular events such as programme, speakers´profiles or details about the venue.

The upcoming event wil be held on Saturday, 21st of June 2014 in Prague´s Hybernia theatre. The fifth TEDxPrague will be dedicated to the world “under the surface”. Participants can be looking forward to inspiring performances given by interesting speakers as usual. One of the speakers performing on the stage of the Hybernia theatre will be the scientist and philosopher Ivan Havel, expert on advertisement and marketing Josef Havelka, crowd-funding record holder Matyáš Šanda or tantric sex instructor Denisa Říha Palečková.

Detailed information about the TEDxPrague application can be found on the app´s website. Version for Android is available for download on Google Play and the iPhone version is waiting for approval and will be available for download in the upcoming days. Do not miss it and check this page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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