AAVIT becomes the first Czech member of DIGITALEUROPE [PRESS RELEASE]

On March 1st, the Association for Applied Research in IT (AAVIT) became the first Czech member of the European platform DIGITALEUROPE, made up of national trade and industry associations and top companies of global significance.

The DIGITALEUROPE platform has long functioned as an influential organization for the promotion of interests in the IT sector within the European Union, with real impact on the decisions of European institutions. One of the main items on their agenda is, for example, assistance in preparing the legislative framework in the field of IT and digitalization. The driving force behind Europe’s digital transformation, which is also one of the key tools for the transformation towards a carbon-free economy, is directing all its efforts towards making the EU a global digital leader.

AAVIT promotes the interests of applied research in IT, striving to level the business playing field within IT and increase its share in the domestic economy. Membership in DIGITALEUROPE provides our association with an overview of the preparation of key IT legislation at the European level. We can now actively participate in its creation for the benefit of our members. In addition, membership in DIGITALEUROPE strengthens AAVIT’s position in negotiations with Czech institutions and policy makers,” stated AAVIT Director Jaromír Hanzal.

The current situation is very turbulent and clearly evokes the importance of the IT sector and digitalization for economic prosperity. The level of uncertainty we are facing today is wholly unprecedented. “It is possible that traditional industries will be hit hard by energy or strategic commodity shortages. Orientation towards IT should be a clear priority for the Czech Republic,” added Hanzal. The association believes that membership in DIGITALEUROPE will strengthen interest in the Czech IT sector within the EU.


From eGovernment to blockchain, AI, and ML

The vision of a digital Europe permeates a wide range of IT sub-sectors which, according to DIGITALEUROPE, we cannot do without in the long run. It emphasizes the digitalization of key segments of public administration, such as healthcare and the whole concept of eGovernment. It does not rule out the use of blockchain or other innovative technologies.

“The IT segment is a critical infrastructure not only of the private sector, but also the public sector, which we are witnessing live, right now. That is why we very much welcome any activity that will help the digitalization and implementation of new technologies and principles in the field of IT,” added Michal Košek, CEO of eMan, one of the founding members of AAVIT.

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Regina Záhejská
Marketing Specialist