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ŠKODA OneApp won the IT Project of 2017 award

The processing of data about your drive, in your phone, in real time. Your car’s infotainment in your pocket with a third-party platform. The mobile application ŠKODA OneApp introduced several innovations. It’s no wonder it scored in the IT Project of 2017 competition.

The largest Czech automobile producer, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., constantly introduces innovations and new technologies in their cars, increasing the comfort and safety of its crew. ŠKODA OneApp is a smart mobile app making accessible a variety of useful functions and services. Drivers can find out the current state of the car, record daily rides, or plan trips from the comfort of their home or even car. The true enthusiasts can also track their records, fuel consumption, or the ride’s dynamics in real time.



Project’s goals

The goal of the project was to make the MIB unit (the multimedia control unit) usage more efficient in ŠKODA cars and, at the same time, offer a wider range of infotainment functions via the mobile phone to the users. The aim was to design a solution that would get new, updated, and personalized apps into, for example, a car that will be produced for a five year period.


How does it work

The phone is connected to the car’s system via a USB cable or Wi-Fi in cars with built-in navigation (Amundsen or Columbus). The app is compatible with cars manufactured after June 2016 and equipped with the SmartLink+ system. The ŠKODA OneApp uses MirrorLink and Apple CarPlay for visualization on the built-in display. The data is shown in real time and also stored for future browsing.



A new trend, that will be considered as a standard for all new cars, was successfully established. The app also allows for the creation of additional third-party modules and thus offers its high potential to anyone who wants to create any plug-in for it.


What is unique about this solution

The ŠKODA OneApp is an original and unique solution in the Volkswagen group. Moving infotainment to the smartphone displays in real time and using the phone’s computing capacity and possibilities allowed for achieving results that would be impossible to achieve using only the car itself. The ride’s data also stay saved in the mobile phone.


Final results of the IT Project of 2017 competition.


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