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E-Pay by Edenred

The mobile applications E-Pay by Edenred allows restaurants to accept payments by electronic meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant Card (TRC).


2015 – 2017


The mobile applications E-Pay by Edenred allows restaurants that do not have an electronic terminal to accept payments by electronic meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant Card (TRC).

Payment proceeds by merely attaching the meal voucher card to your mobile or tablet equipped with the application E-Pay by Edenred. NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is used to transfer information between the card and the mobile device. Payments are made immediately, the relevant amount is deducted from the customer’s meal voucher account.

Ticket Restaurant Card (TRC)

The Ticket Restaurant Card electronic meal voucher card is a modern and full-fledged replacement of traditional paper meal vouchers. It is a prepaid payment card issued by Edenred in cooperation with MasterCard. Restaurants can use traditional payment terminals or a mobile phone or tablet with the E-Pay application by Edenred installed for the acceptance of the payments.

Restaurant operators can use the E-Pay application by Edenred on mobile phones and tablets with Android.

Visitors of restaurants – company employees, who receive meal allowances from their employers in the form of an electronic meal voucher card from Edenred, have the opportunity of checking the balance on their card through the TicketCard application by Edenred (also from our workshop) at any time. The application also serves as a handy search tool for a restaurant where you can pay with the Ticket Restaurant Card.


A number of challenges have been associated with the development of the application:


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eMan developed a comprehensive turnkey solution and an E-Pay mobile application by Edenred for mobile phones and tablets with Android at its essence. The application serves hospitality owners for the acceptance of payments for provided services.

The mobile application TicketCard by Edenred, which serves diners as a tool for checking the current balance on the card and also for finding restaurants that accept meal vouchers, is part of the ecosystem associated with Ticket Restaurant Card electronic meal vouchers.

The robust .NET backend solution is designed to integrate all customer services, including the maintenance of the current status of transaction terminals (mobile phones with E-pay application by Edenred) and many other functions.

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Edenred launched the pilot operation of electronic meal vouchers (press release) in Brno in June 2015. The service will gradually be extended to other regions with a plan to completely replace paper meal vouchers with cards in the next few months.


About Edenred

Edenred logoEdenred, a publisher of Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers, is a world leader in prepaid corporate services, which designs and delivers solutions that improve the efficiency of the organization and enhance the purchasing power of individuals.



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