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New ŠKODA Connect

Virtual building kit that controls your car. That’s a pretty good description of new ŠKODA Connect. Thanks to a new, clean architecture, it is modular, customizable by users, and allows third-party extensions. It offers immediate access to information about the ride and car status and creates useful statistics that is used for further trip planning.


2018 – 2019

168 176
lines of code rewritten
from Java to Kotlin
103 965
iOS lines
of code updated
new modules
25 000+
daily users

From a functional whole…

In 2017, we developed ŠKODA Connect. It allows for a remote management of a car using a smartphone, offers statistics from previous rides, and helps to plan your trip. It runs on a wide range of cars, phones, and smartwatches with various operating systems.

…the journey continued…

We received a new assignment a year later. ŠKODA liked the app, and wanted to develop it further. These were the basic requirements:

  • An app built on the already existing ŠKODA Connect infrastructure
  • The core should be a modular and flexible platform, allowing for further development and addition of (third-party) extensions and functions
  • UX and UI must be consistent across all functions, including those developed in the future
  • The core must allow a quick and easy development in parallel with the smooth running of the previous app

…through a difficult terrain…

  • The development of new functions in the original code runs simultaneously with the development and rewriting to a new architecture. We still had to keep the compatibility across the app and guarantee a smooth creation of a unified whole.
  • The next issue was with the setup of the development environment. Every build process had to run in our as well as the client’s environment. And everyone was using different technologies and processes. Still, we managed to find a compatible way that allowed an automatized build as well as simultaneous tests in both environments.

…to individual building blocks…

That required a new architecture. From scratch. Namely…

  • Transfer from Java to Kotlin
  • Rewrite of the iOS code
  • MA Core –⁠ a new core with key functions
  • SDK –⁠ a layer connecting the core with end-functions and add-ons
  • Add-ons

…and back together

  • We broke down the original app and created 13 modules that are developed in parallel. This allows for a much simpler way to add new functions and improvements.
  • And the new server functionality is already used by tens of thousands of users every day.

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