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eMan at Brno Space Days

We have long been interested in the aerospace industry and simply could not miss out on the jam-packed Brno Space Days program. Though navigating the D1 highway to Brno is often more challenging than covering intergalactic distances, we brought back plenty of inspiration and new stimuli with us.

Brno Space Days a.k.a. South Moravian Astronautics Days took place on March 1-14, 2019. We visited Brno Space Night and a seminar hosted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts at Kraví Hora mountain, so our connection to the universe was nearly perfect.


Brno Space Night

This evening united all those interested in the Czech and Slovak activities in space. We learned what the ESA BIC Brno incubator is up to and what startups they’ve supported lately. We also listened to a series of three-minute presentations of selected companies operating in the space sector. You would not believe how many components and systems in space research are made in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.



The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast Seminar

The following day we were introduced to the services provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. During the presentation, we were able to start a discussion with the director of Czech Space Alliance regarding our membership in the organization. The whole get-together provided us with a lot of useful information and several new possibilities of breaking into the space industry.

Two days filled with the hottest news, intensive networking and new opportunities simply confirmed to us that aerospace is a field in which we have a lot to offer. Contributing to the ongoing discovery of the universe and the world around us sounds like a pretty good mission.


Introductory photo: The Digitarium Hall, Source: Brno Observatory and Planetarium


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