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Action packed 2018 and 138 hours of awesomeness

We roll not only while producing software solutions. We had 30 events for our colleagues in 2018. We enjoy spending time together also outside of work. Last year it took us whole 138 hours! Interested to find out everything that happened?

Last year, we have organized over 25 events. Let’s have a look at a few of them, which were prepared by us for us.


Educational and inspiring events

We held eMan Summit in January, where we evaluated 2017, and set goals for 2018. A foosball tourney, dinner, and an awesome party were all part of the event. Basically we started off new year with a blast.



We added Dev Sessions into our repertoire. These events are organized by our developers, where we share our technological know-how. The topics included, for example, GitLab, Flutter, convolutional neural networks, web apps security, MV-VM, and React. Everyone is welcomed to join one of our Dev Sessions, so hopefully we’ll see you next time!



The regular Breakfast is one of our classics. Once every two months we gather in the morning for a coffee and to share news and information not only about the company. We find out what’s brewing in each division, what is everyone working on, and what projects we successfully managed to finish. And every time we can taste homemade delicatessen, like handmade pâtés or cakes.

The afternoon tea was invented in England, and we started this tradition at eMan as well. The main idea is to educate one another, mainly in soft skills. For example, last year we discussed time management and marketing. The topic is highly dependent on who knows and enjoys what skills, and who likes to share them with others.

Who is an Explorer at eMan? It seems like everyone is. During this event we share experience, inspiration, and knowledge from our trips to foreign and exotic destinations. We already had a virtual excursion to Chernobyl, the Three Passes in Nepal, Uzbekistan, and Peru… Just have a look at the photos.



Offsite events

eMan Ride is a one full weekend spent together every year. Usually we visited mountains, but last year we explored the magic of southern Moravia region. We received a warm welcome at Mikulov. And spent there a weekend full of relaxation, walks, rides, site excursions, and wine tasting. Everyone had something to enjoy.

Outside of work, we also go skiing or rafting every year. All you need to do is just ask, as it’s easy to find a good bunch of colleagues ready for another adventure.


Sport events

We tried a lot of things during the eMan Cups: heights, depths, speed… We went to a climbing center, bowling, or surfing. And we really do enjoy sports. Last year, we had a paintball battle,  which required agility and special tactics. We can’t wait to see what unusual activities we’ll try this year.

We also participate in the Drive your bike to work initiative every year. Last year we won the title of “Prague’s most bike-oriented employer of 2018”. The prize was a game of laser tag, so another chance to have a good time together.


eMan Christmas

Because 2018 was a very dynamic year, the topic of the X-MAS party was Aprés-Ski. We grilled marshmallows, and had a snowball fight. Check out our video to see all the fun we had.

Last year, we also organized our first event for minieMans. An afternoon in early December dedicated to the whole family, lantern and other Christmas decorations, the smell of sweets, crayons, 21 kids, 35 adults, and 4 people in costumes. It’s true that the people in costumes were eMans, but don’t tell that to the kids.


This year will also be action packed up until the last December day. So stay tuned in for the ride! Or, even better, join us and experience it for yourself. We’re constantly growing and looking for new colleagues. And make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter.

Jana Lochmanova
Jana Lochmanova
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