eMan continues to grow, this time by founding the design agency BrightVibe [PRESS RELEASE]

Successful projects of the technology house eMan are increasing rapidly in number. This time they have decided to establish their own design agency, BrightVibe, which will specialize in the creation of digital products such as mobile applications and websites. Their goal is to maximize user experience.

Design and development will join together under one roof. This will make it possible to work very closely with clients and accompany them through all stages of product development, from concept to market launch. To fulfill their visions and create unique user experiences. Such is the vision of BrightVibe, an agency founded under the banner of software house eMan.

“We are building on the growing number of successful projects created under the eMan brand. We always want to have a close relationship with our clients and, together with them, create exceptional user experiences.” This is how BrightVibe wants to help achieve the goals of its clients, explains Michal Uhlíř, who will lead the newly formed company.


Customized development

Cooperation with the technology house eMan enables the newly established BrightVibe agency to offer its clients comprehensive services in the field of development. In addition to the solution’s design, tailored to the needs of a given client, BrightVibe is poised to ensure its implementation as well.

Commercial value, however, does not always exclude a positive impact on our society. On the contrary. One such project is cooperation with the German startup Vivy on the development of their Vivy app. “We have moved healthcare one step closer to the digital age. You know how all our health information is usually scattered among different doctors’ records, and so we go to each one with a stack of papers. The Vivy app lets us view and manage all of our health data online, so it’s always up-to-date and available. It even works with Apple Health, Google Fit, and information from our health insurance company,” explains Michal Košek, CEO of eMan.


4 steps to verify the feasibility of an idea

If a company has an idea, but does not know where to start, the product discovery process will help. This makes it possible to find out whether the idea is viable, and to set the right priorities. It helps in understanding the real needs of customers, and in putting the project into practice. “Designers are in constant contact with the client, guiding them through the entire process, and reflecting their goals and needs at every stage,” comments Ondřej Straka, who will lead design at BrightVibe.

Based on many years of experience, the BrightVibe team has identified four stages of design that an idea must go through in order to turn it into a real market success. According to Uhlíř, it is first necessary to understand the context in which the company operates, and which customers it targets: “At the same time, we need to determine, through market analysis, what new opportunities the product opens up and what problems it helps to solve.”

Once we know where the problem is, a possible solution is proposed, based on which an interactive prototype is prepared. This is then tested on real users to determine whether the proposed solution is functional. Feedback from target customers is key and, thanks to that, we fine-tune the last details.

“Thanks to the prototype, which is tested directly by end users of the given applications, the client receives relevant feedback before the actual development begins. Thanks to that, companies can determine the right priorities of their concept and devote themselves fully to them. It is not unheard of when, after the product discovery phase, that companies have reassessed the direction the app should proceed in,” explains Michal Uhlíř.

An app is not only about design

Whether we are talking about an app or a website, it must not only look attractive but, above all, be user-friendly and act as a helper for the efficient performance of tasks. The proof is the car manufacturer Bentley Motors Limited, for which eMan designed the MyBentley World app.

“The graphic strategy was developed several years in advance so that a luxurious appearance could be combined with user comfort. We showed that even a mobile app could be luxurious. Our goal was to inspire the automobile enthusiast community, improve their lifestyle, and strengthen the brand,” Uhlíř commented on the results of his team.

Looking for room for improvement

BrightVibe designers also help improve apps and web interfaces that have already been designed. The process involves a careful analysis of the current design, user scenarios, interaction, and compatibility with different devices. The result is a more intuitive, understandable, and user-friendly product.

“Revision of UX and UI is ideal for companies that want to improve their sales, increase customer loyalty, and achieve better results,” concludes Michal Košek, CEO of software house eMan.

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Regina Záhejská
Marketing Specialist