eMan Innovations fund expands its investment portfolio to include smart homes [PRESS RELEASE]

Modular living may be the music of the future. Venture capital fund eMan Innovations has announced another investment: a 45% stake in Juooh, producer of smart, modular houses.

The investment fund of Prague software house eMan has announced another investment in the order of several million CZK for a 45% stake in the Czech modular home builder Juooh. With a vision of a smart future, the eMan tech holding is adding another indispensable part of the industry to its portfolio – smart and sustainable housing. The expansion of the investment scope beyond purely technological sectors is seen by representatives of eMan Innovations as an opportunity to integrate smart software and technologies into segments that are not yet using their full potential. Within the holding, the use of synergies with other invested projects is assured, for example within the investment vehicle Tasty Capital.

“In cooperation with Juooh we managed to sell most of their production capacity for 2023 and 2024, and the construction of the first resort in the Krušný Mountains is in full swing. If everything goes well, we plan to start building our own factory in the coming years,” conveyed Michal Košek, a member of the board of eMan Innovations. He himself claims that the ambition is to use the principles of community energy and IoT. “Thanks to the portfolios of eMan and eMan Innovations, where we cooperate with companies such as Hardwario or CritonVision on their eRig project, we can also make houses smarter and safer,” added Košek.

Venture capital fund eMan Innovations identifies, among other things, good opportunities and synergies in the field of energy. Thanks to extensive experience and know-how in the field, the fund is planning to expand its portfolio in this regard as well with another investment. They see connecting smart software and applications with energy-related technologies as a remarkable opportunity. Systems for community energy, island houses, the connection of solar power plants, heat pumps and other technologies to smart networks can expect a great wave of innovative solutions in the near future.

Pictured from left: Marek Laštovička, co-owner and member of the Supervisory Board of Juooh, Michal Košek, executive member of the Management Board of eMan Innovations and member of the Supervisory Board of Juooh, Eva Arnoldová, co-owner and member of the Supervisory Board of Juooh, Petr Křivský, managing director of Juooh

Houses, bunkers and houseboats

“There are no limits to the imagination, especially in building a modular home”, the Juooh company responds to the wide range of people’s needs and wishes. In addition to ‘standard’ modular houses, which Juooh can move, ready-made, to wherever needed, they have also been expanding their scope towards a relatively non-standard demand – modular bunkers.

“Our houses are made up of several parts, and each can be enlarged or reduced according to the needs of the customer. In today’s economy, the fast construction, lower costs and scalability of housing is a suitable alternative for many,” added Petr Křivský, CEO of Juooh.

Juooh also focuses on idiosyncrasies of other markets, currently negotiating with a Dutch company about construction of the first modular houseboats.


Press Release – eMan Innovations fund expands its investment portfolio to include smart homes

Regina Záhejská
Marketing Specialist