The E-Pay application by Edenred was awarded IT Project of the year for 2015 | eMan

The E-Pay application by Edenred was awarded IT Project of the year for 2015

A small revolution is currently playing out in Czech restaurants. The mobile application E-Pay by Edenred, used to receive payments via Ticket Restaurant Card digital meal vouchers, has its hand in that. The E-Pay solution by Edenred was the winner of the IT Project of the year for 2015.

The company Edenred, issuer of Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers and a world leader in prepaid corporate services, decided to fully digitize its key product, which are vouchers. The intention was to convert meal vouchers from paper forms to an electronic payment card. Edenred meal voucher cards are issued in association with MasterCard. Restaurant operators can collect payments from users of electronic meal voucher cards through payment terminals or via a mobile phone or tablet equipped with the mobile application E-Pay by Edenred.


The objectives of the project

The aim of the project was to significantly streamline the distribution of vouchers. Due to the computerization process the distribution of paper meal vouchers is eliminated. Introducing electronic meal vouchers will also reduce the intensity of the process thanks to eliminating the storage of the paper vouchers. Other significant benefits arising from the introduction of digital meal vouchers are the speeding up of the process of distribution, the elimination of the related minor errors and losses as well as strengthening the image of the company Edenred both for direct corporate customers and end users.

How it works

ticket-restaurant-card_240_zdroj_edenred.cz_The electronic Ticket Restaurant Card meal voucher card is a modern and fully-fledged replacement for traditional paper vouchers. It is a prepaid payment card issued by Edenred in cooperation with MasterCard. Restaurants can use traditional payment terminals, mobile phones or tablets with the E-Pay application by Edenred installed, for receiving payments. The application E-Pay by Edenred can be used by restaurant operators on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Restaurant visitors – company employees who receive meal allowances from their employers in the form of electronic meal voucher cards from Edenred, have the option at any time to check the current balance on their card through the application Ticketcard by Edenred. The application also serves as a handy tool to find a restaurant where you can pay with the Ticket Restaurant Card.


The meal voucher card was introduced in June 2015. In mid-December 2015 it was possible to pay at nearly 4,000 establishments across the country through the Ticket Restaurant Card. As of 15 December 2015, Edenred had contractual agreements for the E-Pay mobile application by Edenred with 1,150 establishments, representing almost 30% of the existing contractual network. The size of the average transaction on E-Pay by Edenred is around 100 CZK.

What makes the solution unique

A key and unique innovation of the project is to address the acceptance of payments via a normal smart phone or a tablet equipped with NFC technology, which also opens up the possibility of receiving payments for restaurants which are not equipped with a classic payment terminal.

Edenred was the first major player on the market which came up with such a major innovation in the field of the meal voucher business on the market both in the Czech Republic and in the wider international context.


Complete results of the 13th anniversary of the competition IT Project of the year for 2015


From the left: Pavel Kusý (director of marketing and strategic proposition, Edenred CZ s.r.o.) and Lukáš Križko (Project Manager, eMan s.r.o.)


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