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Four tips for not falling behind in the development of mobile apps

On Monday 27 November we met our colleagues from Plzeň at an event organized by TechHeaven on the DEPO2015 premises. We simply could not miss such an interesting topic as “Latest Trends in Mobile App Development”.

As we already wrote in the talk with the founders of this NGO article, a young team of enthusiasts from Plzeň organizes various lectures under the name TechHeaven. These are aimed mainly at developers. We already reported on the previous event, with the topic being Valley vs Czech Republic. During the recent event, we heard about:


Antelli library

Created by Štěpán Šonský for an easy development of various voice assistants in various coding languages for a wide range of apps. Štěpán released the beta version of the library for free so make sure you try it out.

A mobile framework presented by Google this year. If you know anything about Xamarin or React Native, you just had to immediately try it out after listening to the highly educational and entertaining talk by Tomáš Zvěřina.



A tool for the substantial simplification of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) used by businesses. It’s our product that I talked about. It differs from other CI/CD platforms mainly by automatically integrating all necessary services, making it more of a DevOps service.



A programming language from JetBrains which won Google’s status of the main supported language for Android this year. Vašek Souhrada from eMan, founder and organizer of the Czech Kotlin User Group, had a brief talk about this language. You can find out more about Kotlin from his article Kotlin – A Language We Should Know Of and if you are still not sure if it’s really worth it, check out the Kotlin – Top 10 Features You’ll Love.


We spent some time chatting with local freelancers and some of us even stuffed ourselves with pizza and beer after the talks. We have attended both TechHeaven events so far and we can’t wait to see what topic will be discussed next.

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