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How it’s going at eMan

The new offices are already occupied and filled with activity. Being together is certainly not something we avoid, no matter where we spend time. Take a peek us, at least virtually. Or stop over in person :)

The morning sun shines through the reception windows, into the meeting rooms and parts of the offices. Those are still empty at this moment. The staff is slowly coming, running or riding in all kinds of vehicles to eMan. Coffee makers are bubbling to life, laptops, tablets, iPads and other technology are being switched on.

Offices are filling up, the hallways are quiet. Lunchtime is approaching, commotion around the chillout area is growing. Lunch toghether with random colleagues. The sun is moving across the sky to the other side of the building, the corridors are full of discussions, phone calls with clients, and Skype calls with colleagues. Table football matches have even been played already.

Silence alternates with music, is it coming from an office or the chillout area? It’s always different. The sun sets over the horizon, eMan employees remain and have a beer together, or band together to tackle some joint project. The building quiets down at night, awaiting what the next day shall bring.

That’s pretty much how a normal working day looks here. To keep the work days from becoming too routine, we organize a lot of events. Once a month we have a regular joint breakfast when we meet with everyone, including our colleagues from Pilsen and Hradec. At breakfast we have time to talk about the most important events of the past month.

Once a month we also go for a surprise movie night. But we needn’t go far as we do this event in the chill-out room. The surprise movie night idea was thought up by our colleague Petr Cihula (you may know him by the nickname k0c0ur).

We always vote for the genre for the next movie night. However, we don’t find out what movie we’ll be taking in until the very last moment. Petr really know his movies well, He informs us about the background of the selected movie, acquaints us with the director and then all that is left is to sit back and enjoy it. Of course, what would a movie be without something to munch on as well as something to quench your thirst.

Monotony? That’s an unknown word to us here at eMan. Soccer tournaments, a bowling cup, trips together to the mountains or water. Need we say more?

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