One eMan. Six months. Twenty events

The tension in the room becomes unbearable. Adrenaline is pumping through their veins. The audience watches breathlessly as the finale of the championship match reaches its peak. The little plastic football player hits the ball with deadly precision. “Goaaal!”

All work and no play makes eMan a dull boy. Half of the year 2017 has run out as fast as a data limit while riding a Prague tram and we definitely do not plan to slow down. Each and every month at eMan is just jam-packed with events organized for our team.

Right now the eMan Champions League is something we live for as the first tournament was a blast. There were about twenty of us meeting in the chillout room representing the back seat drivers, giving advice to the players while holding a beer. There are three more tournaments ahead of us, so the odds are still in everyone’s favour.

However, we already know the names of our eMan Cup winners. That is a sports competition which takes place three times a year. We fought for the title of bowling master in February and soared to victory in the rope center in June. There is always only one of us who takes the glory but we all had a sip of champagne from the Cup. Grilled specialities were prepared for our pallet and to satisfy our ears two of our colleagues played the guitar. Hrvoje and Ondra rule! At the moment we are deciding what sport to test ourselves with the next time.

In order not to miss each other too much, we also meet at more frequent regular events. For example, we see each other every second Wednesday of the month to have a great breakfast together. Last time we enjoyed an amazing homemade raspberry lemonade. While eating we talk about what happened last month, what went well, what to improve, what and who is new. This way we learn what is going on in the company.

We are also going canoeing in the summer. We hope you join us!


Jana Lochmanova
Event Manager