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Humans of eMan: Václav Loufek

The next installment in the series about eMan employees is about our energetic, cheerful QA Tester, Vašek. What helps him relax? And how did he shift from recruiter to tester?

Do you have a story you would like to share?
My favorite eMan story is connected with Kate, who flew off to Australia. Before she left, I joked that I would hold her place at HR here. When she returned, I arranged an interview for her at the position I was about to leave. Kate got the job, so I climbed into testing and, today, we sit across from each other.

How do you relax, and how do you get your blood flowing?
Yoga probably picks me up the most. Before the pandemic, I joined a group every Tuesday at Chill and, since there were always only a few of us, it was the best practice for a beginner like me. Petra, our trainer, was able to give us her full attention, and I will never forget her lessons and advice. And I must not forget VR and Beatsaber, which I always look forward to after a long day at work.

What about your journey through eMan?
I currently test web applications, though I got here in a roundabout way. I started as an IT recruiter because I had a degree in economics, and I was very attracted to this field. The main reason why I moved to eMan was the desire to learn more about the operations of an IT company, and try it out for myself.

After a year, I knew that I could take advantage of my experience and be a tester. Still in the HR role, I was given the task of finding a junior tester. Though, instead of reaching out to others on LinkedIn, I just signed myself up for the job. The other testers from the company helped me out, especially Blaga and Michal.

How is your relationship to your job?
My main goal is to prevent the client from receiving an application with errors. In addition to just searching for bugs, I also enjoy finding their cause. I like to help Cyril (colleague, programmer, mentor, buddy) find connections, replicate mistakes, and occasionally as a programming duck who just calls. Although he jokingly calls me the “Bug Generator”, I’m grateful for this collaboration. I’m always learning something.

Václav Loufek
QA Tester