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Italian internship at eMan

Marco Vitella and Francesco Di Punzio, are two Italian students attending Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Chilesotti, in a city called Thiene. Both students did a five-week internship under the leadership of our CTO, Jirka Pech. Why did they choose eMan, how was the experience, and what did they learn?

First day of the internship

Tell us something about yourself: what’s your IT experience, what technologies are you interested in, and what technology would you like to explore in the future?

M: We learned Visual Studio and C Sharp at school. We also started programming in C and Arduino sketches. I discovered these programs at school. And, I’d like to work as a full stack developer.

F: We attended the same classes, so it’s similar for me. But I started learning Java and Xamarin on my own. A month and a half ago, I worked on a flight simulator in Italy. I programmed in Java and did cable management. I enjoy programming, applications, PC, software, and hardware.


Why did you choose eMan for your internship? How did we stand out from other companies?

M: I had a look at who eMan’s clients are and what projects you work on. It was interesting to see that you work for ŠKODA AUTO, as well as other companies. I also liked your offices in Google Maps Street View.

F: I looked at your website and was curious about the various projects you’re working on. And I also like Prague. It was the best choice for us, and we were able to get awesome accommodation here.


How would you rate your first day? What do you think about the people and the office?

F: Everyone was very kind to us. They set up our internet connection, showed us around and everything.

M: We had a tour around the office and were introduced to everyone.


What will you be working on at eMan?

F: First, we’ll work in GitLab and do Arduino sketches. Then, we’ll compile in pipeline. And then, we’ll work with NodeJS and databases.


Last day of the internship

Today is your last day. How do you feel about the internship? Did it meet all your expectations?

M: Certainly yes. But, I believe, we could have done more in the first week. We worked in GitLabu and Docker. And in pipeline during the second week. We know how to work, so you could have given us more stuff to do. 🙂


What did you enjoy, and what wasn’t so great?

F: Everything was well organized. We didn’t have any issues.

M: It was awesome at eMan. I can’t think of anything that I wouldn’t enjoy here.


Did you learn everything that you expected to? What technologies or tools did you work with, and what do you think about them?

F: I learned NodeJS. I’m interested in web design, and this tool is very interesting. I also learned a bit more about JavaScript; I know the basics from school.

M: I learned quite a lot of things. Explored NodeJS in more depth. And would like to continue exploring and using it in the future.


What can you say about the people at eMan? Were we helpful?

F: People here are very friendly and helpful. When we had a question, there was always someone to guide us.

M: Everyone was here to help. They even told us to ask about anything we didn’t know. Everyone was always concerned if we had enough food :). And they kept bringing us sandwiches.


Would you attend another interview at eMan?

F: For sure!

M: Totally!


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