EuroOil Mobile App is very useful when travelling

eMan developed a mobile application EuroOil for Čepro for smartphones using Android and iOS and it provides many useful functions. The application can search for the nearest petrol stations and you can also evaluate them there. It also gives advice on how to drive safely and how to give first aid.

The main function enables the user to search for the nearest EuroOil, Benzina, ÖMV and Avanti petrol stations. Your current location is automatically provided by GPS. You can search by using station names, addresses or post codes. Results can be shown on a map and the app can navigate you to the petrol station. The application enables you to leave feedback or evaluation thanks to a simple questionnaire.

Another function gives advice on how to proceed during unexpected situations on the road. It can dial emergency calls or EuroOil infoline. This function provides useful information, and the user can find a simple interactive manual how to give first aid and some tips on how to drive safely.

EuroOil Mobile Application is no longer available for download.

Tomas Cermak
Member of the Board of Directors, eMan a.s. & CMO