Mobile apps Horská služba (Mountain Rescue) and Tabletenky suceeded in WebTop100 competition | eMan

Mobile apps Horská služba (Mountain Rescue) and Tabletenky suceeded in WebTop100 competition

Mobile applications developed by eMan was ranked 1st and 3rd place in the category of mobile solutions in the prestigious WebTop100 competition. The top spot belonged to the app Horská služba (Mountain Rescue), which was developed by eMan for Česká pojišťovna and Czech Mountain Rescue Service. The third place occupied the app Tabletenky, which we developed for Aaron Group.

The award gained in WebTop100 competition is not the first success of the Horská služba app. Last year, the app was awarded in three categories on the Internet Effectivenness Awards, including the first place in the category of The best mobile solution. This practical assistant while staying in the mountains is available for operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Mobile application Tabletenky is the first Czech-Slovak app to compare prices of air tickets.  Tabletenky covers online offerings of specialized air ticket vendors, including action prices of tickets to popular destinations. The application provides very easy comparison of prices of particular air ticket vendors. The app Tabletenky is available for free download to all smartphone and tablet users with operating systems Android and iOS.

You can go through the complete results of the WebTop100 competition here.

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