BrightVibe by Czech software house eMan: exceeded its own expectations for the year and reports exceeding the planned revenue by more than 100 percent [PRESS RELEASE]

BrightVibe, the design agency behind Czech software house eMan, is proud to announce the successful completion of its first year since its founding, with double the planned turnover. The team is celebrating the successful first year with a new visual identity and an expansion of its product portfolio. It is also responding to a rapidly changing market and its demand. They are planning further growth in 2024, including through an overseas office in Houston.

“We have completed our first year, and we can say that BrightVibe is thriving. In the past year, we have doubled our projected turnover, which has exceeded our plans. This is a clear signal to us that we have the right experts at the head of the agency who know how to assert themselves in a very competitive market,” commented Tomáš Čermák from the Czech software house eMan of which the BrightVibe brand is a part.

The BrightVibe team has introduced new products and expanded its services for the coming year. In addition to the existing ideation phase, where they help clients clearly define the direction and concept of a new digital product and the design phase, two more services will be added to the portfolio.

“A number of clients have sought our help with their branding, and we have decided to meet them. We can design a visual identity for companies with an overlap in brand strategy. The second service is UX review, in which we can audit a finished product, whether a website or an app and suggest recommendations for improvement. These are then implemented for the client,” said Ondřej Straka, Head of Design & co-founder of BrightVibe.


Changes in the portfolio are not the only innovation

The BrightVibe team also decided to rebrand to reflect its evolution and new goals and values better. However, the agency’s name remains the same. The new visual identity is a means to express the company’s modern approach and professional know-how.

“We believe that the key to success is constant innovation and the ability to adapt to changing market demands. That’s why we are now taking the next step and expanding our services. This is not just about wanting to grow and keep up with the competition. We want to do things better – both for our existing clients and the new ones we have yet to meet. Personally, I’m excited to embark on this new phase. And the new visual identity? That’s just the icing on the cake,” says Michal Uhlíř, CEO and co-founder, BrightVibe.

BrightVibe is looking forward to the new phase of its business and believes that the rebranding will benefit not only the agency itself and future clients but also existing ones. Already in their portfolio, we can find references from well-known brands, including ČSOB, Bentley Motor Limited and Czech National Bank.

eMan is not limited to the European market; it also has an office in Houston, USA. The BrightVibe design agency intends to expand its portfolio and offer its services for this foreign market as well.


Link to the teaser for the new visual identity

BrightVibe website 

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Tomas Cermak
Member of the Board of Directors, eMan a.s. & CMO