eMan Innovations Fund and Startec Ventures present their debut project: Tasty Capital [PRESS RELEASE]

The venture capital funds eMan Innovations and Startec Ventures have announced a new partnership. With a 50 percent stake each, the companies have created the pre-seed investment vehicle Tasty Capital, targeted at supporting early-stage technology projects.

The Prague software house eMan’s investment fund, the technology accelerator eMan Innovations, announced its first venture together with partner Startec Ventures to cofound the pre-seed investment vehicle Tasty Capital. This will serve as an “institutional angel investor” for smaller IT projects.

We are pleased to announce that we are entering our first project together with the successful investment matador, Milan Kožíšek from Startec Ventures. The projects we support will gain not only initial investment, but also decades of experience from the business and technological world,revealed Michal Košek, member of the eMan Innovations Board of Directors.

With years of expertise on the Czech market, representatives from Tasty Capital will identify ambitious projects, while tried and tested methodologies from the digital environment will help determine if the products are feasible and applicable on the market.


Tasty Capital’s first investment “sails” into CritonVision

Tasty Capital is proud of its first investment of CZK 1.8 million for 10 percent in CritonVision, a company that manufactures eRig smart locks. We will see a pilot version of eRIG on the Czech market during October 2022.

“With investments in the order of hundreds of thousands of CZK, we at Tasty Capital plan to support small innovative projects in the startup phase. We are not afraid of working with young talents, and so we are cooperating with the Smichov Secondary Technical School,” expounded Milan Kožíšek, member of the board of directors at Tasty Capital.

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Regina Záhejská
Marketing Specialist