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Michal Košek to lead the software house eMan [PRESS RELEASE]

As of the new year, Michal Košek, one of the founding members of the Prague software development house eMan, will lead the company, listed on the Start market on the Prague Stock Exchange. After more than eleven years as Chief Operating Officer, Košek will replace CEO Jiří Horyna, who will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In his new role, Michal Košek will lead the 150-member team in bolstering eMan’s strong market position. The Czech software house aspires to be the go-to technology partner for corporations and innovative projects in the areas of software development and digitalization.

“This year we plan to build on the successes of last year when, despite the pandemic situation, we managed to carry out our business plans. One thing we plan to develop is our investment fund eMan Innovations, which will serve as an incubator for ambitious technology projects. We also see great potential in blockchain, machine learning and AI, and we are working on one of the first cryptocurrency RPG games called Alteration, as well as other projects that use these technologies,” added Košek.

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Tomas Cermak
Member of the Board of Directors, eMan a.s. & CMO