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Work out with GymTracer

The new year begun just month ago, your New Year´s resolutions therefore may not be faded into obscurity yet. If you made a decision for a regular workout in the fitness centre (again), we have an interesting tip for a useful assistant, which can help you to hold on and achieve desired results. The assistant is a training system GymTracer which we developed for a company Enterprise Mobile Development.


GymTracer is a training system designed to streamline the workout in the fitness centre. It is available over the web and mobile applications for iPhone and Android. You will see that your visits of the “torture chamber” so called fitness centre will be more entertaining and above all – you will achieve real results.

The whole system offers a set of useful features, such as daily workout management with a possibility to monitor your performance, performance data entering via mobile application or web, training templates creation, well arranged statistics or unique and extensive catalogue of exercises including illustrative 3D animations. Favourite records sharing on facebook is not missing.

If you are a professional trainer, you can use the version GymTracer Professional as a practical working tool allowing you to manage your client database or their payments. Application also includes calender, so you do not have to undergo the risk that you will pass up the training with client.

GymTracer is available in Czech, Slovak, English and Polish. Find more information on prices and other details on the web page:

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Tomas Cermak
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