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Client portal RESPECT Online

We created a new customer portal for one of the most important insurance brokers on the Czech and Slovak markets, with access for their customers to their insurance contracts and claims, including an option for an extensive report. What is so great about this portal? And where have we succeeded in its implemention?




06/2018 – 03/2021


One step ahead

From the beginning, we jumped into this project at full speed with eyes wide open. The project started with interactive workshops with RESPECT employees and, together, we started building the system. The final analysis that RESPECT received from us included a functional analysis, technical description, and design proposal. With this, we embarked upon a fruitful collaboration with an important client, one that was both enjoyable and fulfilling.



Readiness, first and foremost

We analyzed the key functions of the previous system and began to integrate them into the new application logic. The biggest challenge was the constant need to continuously align our plans with the commitments of the client, who was concurrently preparing data services. The whole process, therefore, required maximum flexibility and effective communication.


The result?


Records of contracts, their amendments and annexes, clearly and in one place, with the possibility of filtering them according to various parameters and statuses.



Claims and reporting

We created a simple system to report a claim that only takes a few minutes, with the possibility of attaching any necessary documents. Everything is sent to the RESPECT Core system, enabling the RESPECT staff to start processing the report immediately. The portal had to adapt a complex logic of linking data within the extensive domain of insurance policies and claims while providing a pleasant user experience, for example through a clear and modern dashboard.




The portal enables the processing of one-off as well as regular reports, with various export and printout capabilities.



Reports, documents, and more

Within the application, it is also possible to publish internal reports, share and download all necessary documents, and search for relevant contacts. The final design is practically full-scale responsive on mobile phones and tablets.



Design and UX

The creation of the design and wireframes was made by the close cooperation of the eMan and RESPECT teams within joint workshops. The final design is responsive – comfortable to use on a mobile phone and works completely on a tablet.