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Mobile application Accident reporting

Life is full of surprises. For situations where there is trouble on the road, we have developed an Accident reporting application.


eMan Commerce s.r.o.



Aplikace Hlášení nehody (vyvinul eMan)

The Accident reporting application serves as a full replacement for an actual paper form from an insurance company. Reporting an accident to an insurance company via a mobile application is quick and easy. This eliminates the stress of filling out complicated forms. Reporting an accident electronically also accelerates the process of initiating the liquidation of the insured event for the insurance company.

The app has the official support of the Czech Insurers’ Bureau (CIB). Clients of Allianz Insurance company are currently able to use it. Customers of other insurers will also soon benefit.

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We faced a number of challenges before developing the Accident reporting application:



eMan developed a robust solution for reporting insurance claims associated with the operation of motor vehicles. The Accident reporting application operates as a full replacement for a paper form.

The Accident reporting application has been prepared as a tool that meets all the requirements for a universal market solution and is available to clients of all insurance companies operating on the Czech market. The service communicates directly with the IT systems of insurance companies.


Key benefits of the application from the user’s perspective:

The user doesn’t have to fill in information about the driver and the vehicle manually. The user can easily load them into the application by simply scanning the QR code that will be provided to him/her by the insurance company (eg. through an online client zone, on a regular bill, etc.).

The application is available to users of the operating systems Android and iOS for free.

The company eMan Commerce s. r. o. is the provider of the Accident reporting application and service .



The Accident reporting application gained the patronage of the Czech Insurers’ Bureau (CIB).

Since August 2015, customers of Allianz have been able to use the application. Other insurers will offer this modern form of reporting of insurance events to their clients in 2016.

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