Patria Finance: the evolution of mobile investing

Great communication, flexible development, and mutual enthusiasm were the earmarks of our entire collaboration with the leading Czech investment company Patria Finance. The result is the design of a new mobile application for retail investors, of which there are nearly 45,000 in Patria’s portfolio. How did it go and why did everything go so smoothly?


Patria Finance, a.s.


2021 – 2022


The project: designing a UX/UI mobile application for retail investors

The idea

At the beginning of 2021, Patria Finance decided to move their mobile application a step ahead. They weren’t looking for any major revolution, just some subtle improvements on the existing solution. And with precisely such a proposal, we managed to win the tender. At Patria, they had a pretty clear idea of what features they expected from their new mobile application and how they imagined the final solution. Nevertheless, they allowed us to come up with several inventions that we implemented during the project. Thanks to a good reference from the ČSOB financial group, of which Patria is a part, they knew that they could rely on our know-how.


„Cooperating with eMan was perfect, they brought great ideas.“

Tomáš JarošTomáš Jaroš

CEO Patria Finance


Before embarking on the design itself, we did a thorough search for available solutions on the mobile application market, and held consultations about the possible directions this project could go. Once we agreed on the scope and outlook with the client, we got down to work. Over the first four weeks, we developed wireframes, known as ‘blueprints’, that show the primary functionality of individual modules, or their screens and flow.



Regular feedback was an essential key part of the cooperation with Patria Finance. Our agile way of working is open to continuous suggestions, revisions, and adjustments, and this discussion can influence each part of each stage of the project. Naturally, some things only come to mind the moment you see them on the screen which, of course, we plan for. At the end of each week, we went through new ideas, changes, and approaches together with the client. This interactive form of cooperation helps to prevent misunderstandings, draws the client more into the action, and gives them the opportunity to influence things during development.




After the first month of cooperation, a prototype of the application was completed, including the visual concept design.



We tested the prototype, which takes the form of black and white wireframes, on several potential users and, with their feedback and ideas, we continued on the work. The second, and final, part of the collaboration on this application followed. We already had a prototype, now we only had to prepare the graphic inputs – we developed all the screens and elements in detail so that their developers could easily work with them. We consulted the individual parts together with Patria Finance in the final visual, which we delivered in their branding style in Android and iOS platforms, and it was clear what everything would look like.



The Result

At the end of this process, which lasted eight weeks, the design of the complete application was ready – the rendered screens were directly handed over to development. The application will run on both iOS and Android platforms.



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