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VeraLink: an intuitive solution to an age-old problem


VeraLink Solutions, LLC.


2020 – 2021


Project: Credential Management Platform

Key functions:

  • for contractors, hiring companies, unions, municipalities, training entities and individuals
  • manage your team, credentials, projects and compliancein the palm of your hand

The amount of information we have to sort through on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Since we live in a work world based on credentials and certifications, the siloed data approach we use today can become very difficult to navigate. Not just for the companies involved but for the workers as well.

Every day, companies find themselves looking for employees with specific credentials for various projects. Credentials which, of course, must not be expired, because you can’t send a worker without proper safety training onto a construction site.

It‘s up to each employer to keep track of their employees’ credentials. But you would be searching in vain for a system that:

  • concentrated them in one place,
  • alerted you to their eventual expiration, and
  • could be accessed by both the employer and the individual.

But, thanks to eMan, that has all changed – welcome to VeraLink, the credentials management platform.


The idea

Chris Bayardo first approached our US subsaidiary in 2019 with the idea of a system that would function as a central record of training and certificates. He illustrated the problematic for us primarily in the oil and gas industry, where the requirements for employee safety, and therefore on the related certificates, are very high. These countless certificates have a limited validity, so it is a huge administrative burden to monitor them on projects where hundreds of employees are working. It therefore warranted a simple and sophisticated solution, to which everyone would have access.



VeraLink‘s Founder Chris Bayardo saw the business potential of this platform and had a plan to make full use of it – it was up to us to execute it. The client started with a relatively small team whose ideas we’ve helped turn into reality. During the introductory meetings, we acquainted the client with the process, and suggested a method of implementation. Thanks to our extensive technological know-how and adept flexibility, we were able to come up with a reliable solution, define the best infrastructure for the requirements, and create a wireframe of the entire product in just one month.


„A fantastic team! When you say jump, they are already in the air.“

Chris BayardoChris Bayardo

Veralink Managing Partner & Bayardo Safety
CEO VeraLink Solutions, LLC


We constantly tweaked the scope of the project with the client and, thanks to our flexible way of working, we were able to react quickly to changes. At the same time, we developed the project with the foresight that it could be expanded to other industries at any time in the future. This reduces the need for major alterations in the platform associated with future requirements.


The result

We launched VeraLink on New Year 2021 and the 100% support of our team was a matter of course. The platform is currently being used by companies in the oil and gas industry, but in the future it can be implemented in other industries as well.

Currently, three different entities can be connected to the interface:

Companies looking for workers for their projects or, for example, employment agencies providing jobs to individuals can, upon logging into the system, choose how many people they need for a specific job and what credentials they should have. Within each project, the company sees which employees have which certificates and whether there is a need to renew any of them.

Veralink also makes it a lot easier for Hiring Entities to manage all the credentials related to their cooperation with Service Providers. Veralink’s clear and concise UI allows the participants to fill out all the forms and questionnaires required for compliance in one place. This helps relieve much of the administrative burden associated with the work process.

The entire authentication system runs in the background, so that the client (be it an individual or a company) does not have to muddle with anything and, withal, there are no unauthorized modifications. Based on the data entered (e.g. company name, ID, etc.), verification takes place in the relevant certificate databases and subsequently appears in the system. This eliminates the hassles of checking validity and detecting counterfeits. Since the system deals with an incredible amount of different data, it is essential for it to run smoothly. The entire process is cloud-based and runs on Firebase, which means that it can easily handle a large amount of requests at the same time without impacting the system’s performance.


Main advantages:

  • Simple centralized solution
  • Less time spent on administration
  • Lower costs for additional recertification
  • Improved safety ratings
  • One touch access

Are you interested in the project we implemented for VeraLink? Do you want to discuss what we can do for you? Let us know!