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Humans of eMan: Eva Čeřovská

Eva Čeřovská – Operations & Sales Consultant

Eva can't imagine a life without dancing, and we can't imagine life without Eva. Countless colleagues at eMan have relied on her work for the past couple of years, and some internal systems would not run at all without her. Meet Eva in the newest installment of Humans of eMan!

Eva is a woman of many roles, and she handles them all with ease. “I’m part of the team that fixes and improves the internal system that everyone at eMan works with,” she described her job description. Since she was present at the onset of many new functionalities and has been involved in various stages of the system’s development, she knows it like the back of her hand. She is indispensable to her colleagues who need any kind of help with the system. Is the provided login information not working? Don’t have permission to write on a shared drive? Have you tried turning it off and on, and not even that has helped? Call Eva. 

“In the sales department, I’m slowly improving the practices we’ve already established,” she continues. “I’m also supporting other areas of the company – from contract development to more complex numerical analyses to preparing multi-year internal projects.”

Even before she became a part of the team, Eva had been impressed with eMan. “I got a recommendation from a former colleague who had been working at eMan for a few years,” she recalls of her joining in 2017. “From the way he spoke about it, I understood that people at eMan are passionate about their work, and they know what they’re doing. It seemed that the people here were a great bunch that got along really well. And as soon as I became a part of the company, I found that out firsthand.”

Pandemic also brings potential

With a characteristic undying optimism of her own, Eva tries to find good news even where there appears to be none. “I think that the pandemic has clearly shown that we can – and we should – transfer as many activities as With her characteristic, undying optimism, Eva tries to find good news even where there appears to be none. “I think that the pandemic has clearly shown that we can – and we should – transfer as many activities as possible to the digital world. This will leave us with more time for the things that matter – relationships, sports, or nature. In this respect, digital, for me, is synonymous with ‘faster’ and ‘more convenient’,” she reflects. “Twenty years ago, if we wanted to send money to someone, we had to go to the bank, fill out a form, drop it in a box, wait a few days, and pray that someone doesn’t mix up a number. Today, when I’m waiting for the subway, I can pull out my smartphone, tap a few buttons, and the person on the other side gets my payment on their phone screen in no time. eMan is a part of this solution as well. I believe that in a few years, we will take this convenience for granted, even in situations where today we’re content to wait in line for some paper with a stamp.”

Sales & Operations & Dancing Queen

When she’s not at eMan, Eva hits the dance floor. She loves to dance but, apparently, she’s rather picky. “I definitely like swing dancing the most. I go to different classes to learn new steps, I try them out with my friends in dance halls, and we go to festivals both domestic and abroad, which can be quite wild and physically demanding.” She would love to recharge her batteries at her cottage more often, but even that can be a chore at times. “It’s heaven on earth for me, but sometimes it’s also hard work. I think anyone who’s responsible for a property with a garden will understand.” For her, the activity where she always finds zen is growing outdoor bonsai. Her favorites are European larches and Japanese maples. “If I had to choose a different career path today, I would definitely look for a way to combine bonsai growing with teaching dance,” laughs Eva.

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