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Digitizing craft and industry 1: smart service

Let's have a look at how can we streamline work processes that, at first glance, have nothing to do with IT

Paper contracts and their processing. Energy meter readings. Error diagnostics. And the list goes on. There are so many processes that we could transform to the digital dimension, saving time, energy, and money. At eMan, we breathe a future like this. And we’re working to make it come true, as soon as possible.

Digitization can also help in areas that do not seem, at first thought, to be digitizable. That’s why we have prepared for you a typical workday of, for example, a boiler repairer (let’s call him Mr. Heaty for our story), using products we have already developed for our clients.


Before the day starts…

Mr. Heaty takes care of boilers that are equipped with a smart box. The box processes all available data – flow, temperature, statistics, but also the condition of the individual electronic components. Through a wi-fi network, the box is connected to an application that processes data into clear dashboards.



After arriving at work, Mr. Heaty uses the app to peruse orders and error notifications (including diagnostic data) connected to the boiler units. With this information, he can video call his customers and lead them through the repair of simple defects or, at least, help examine the problem.

Then the app compiles a plan for the shortest route around all customers, including a time estimate of how long each repair will take. When compiling the plan, the app takes the severity of the defects into account. 



  • Helps customers without the need of a physical visit
  • Efficient and smart travel plan, including time schedule
  • Possibility to prepare for specific repairs



Anytime Mr. Heaty arrives at a customer, he knows what awaits him. No lengthy initial diagnostics. During the visit he can, thanks to the app’s data, immediately recommend preventive measures or change/order parts. Then he drives along to his next customer according to the prepared plan.



  • Acceleration of the work process 
  • Safer work process


End of day

After all, repairs have been resolved, Mr. Heaty returns to the office/workshop. He has a record of every repair in the app, so if the customer calls again in future, Mr. Karman has the information handy. Also, he can reflect on all the activities he performed throughout the day.



  • An overview of the work performed
  • Detailed customer database


It sounds a bit like science fiction, but as we mentioned above we’re using only products we have already created. And there are many more possibilities when we use virtual reality, machine learning, or IoT. And we’re really excited about working with these technologies to streamline people’s lives.


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