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Jiri Horyna: We want to continue expanding abroad

Jiri Horyna, CEO eMan, eMan CEO, Horyna Jiri

When a new year begins, you reflect on the past one and plan for the one ahead. So naturally, it’s the best time to talk with our CEO Jiri Horyna about eMan’s plans for 2019.

Are we planning anything extraordinary for 2019?

We developed our product, and we’ll put it on the market this year. All I can say for now is that it has something to do with IoT, and we have big plans with the product. I also hope that we’ll develop the cooperation with our clients – and even manage to acquire some new ones.


Last year, we opened a branch in the USA. How’s eMan doing in the land of opportunity?

We plan to put a lot of hard work into the USA branch. And overall, we want to strengthen our position on the international market. We already have a few crucial clients from abroad, like Seat, Honeywell, and the EU, for which we’re carrying out a project for Eurostat. On the topic of new branches, we’re opening one in Brno as well. And our offices in Prague and Plzeň are getting expanded significantly.


Jiri Horyna, CEO eMan


What do you see as our key services for 2019?

Even though a large part of our development aims at mobile technologies, we’re not only mobile app developers anymore. Most of our production consists of complex software solutions, usually with mobile features. We want to stick to that in the future, but also naturally expand our abilities to implement other solutions and new technologies. Last year we started developing our hardware elements, built a strong team, and we see quite a lot of potential and opportunities for us in this area, mainly in the industry sector.


What sectors will be interesting for us in 2019?

We’ll expand our know-how in all areas we work in already. That’s mainly automotive, utility, and finance. We try hard to be able to adopt new trends and innovations into our corporate DNA, which we can then offer to our clients. And that’s why we try to expand and strengthen our teams accordingly. New sectors that we’d like to explore more and in which we already work on the first project are aerospace and industry.


Jiri Horyna, CEO eMan


What are the technologies that eMan will focus on?

For apps, we’d like to use Flutter more. We’ll also keep developing Kotlin for Android, and we may start using it even for the backend. We also want to emphasize the use of embedded systems, like Embedded Linux or RTOS. When it comes to Machine Learning, we use mainly TensorFlow, and this year we’re adding the Intel Movidius platform. For IoT apps, we continue developing our solutions built using the microservices architecture on Kubernetes.


Is there anything we’re forgetting?

I think that we successfully manage to get closer to our long-term goal: “Becoming the most important player in the mobile industry, and an important company in the field of custom software development in the Czech Republic.” And keeping our current company culture, which I regard as a unique interconnection of the professional work of our people, creativity, and friendly atmosphere – that is also very important to us.

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