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Come on in, the water’s fine!

22 eMans, 11 boats, 5 cars, 3 motorcycles, 2 camping sites and 1 barking happiness manager. This is not the beginning of a joke, but our canoeing trip on the Ohře river. Even though the thunderstorm tried to scare us off the first evening, we did not give up and enjoyed a great weekend!

A total of eleven crews and a dog went through a 32-kilometer stretch on the left-side tributary of the Elbe river. We left the town of Šabina near Sokolov and reached Karlovy Vary through Loket. We discovered one picturesque view after another; the quiet corners of the river framed by monumental trees with their branches languidly floating in the water. At times we were privy to idyllic views in the forms of remote villages spotted in the distance and herds of sheep grazing in warm meadows.

The entertainment was provided by two special boats: a party boat and a chillout boat. Each of them played different music from their speakers, so it depended only on the preferences of the sternmen which boat they decided to join.

On the shore we were quite busy as well: a campfire, a walk through Loket and even an impromptu concert by Miro Žbirka 🙂 After a good lunch, of course we could not miss a nap. Let’s just say we did not hold back at all enjoying the real summer atmosphere.

Fortunately, we didn’t encounter a large number of chutes, stoppers or strainers on the route. We bravely clashed with the sweepers and survived some broaches. In short, no undercut will get us. We are experienced sailors!

So the Ohře river was a piece of cake for us. Next time, we will take on more difficult rivers such as the Ploučnice, Divoká Orlice, Kwisa or Salza!

Jana Lochmanova
Jana Lochmanova
Event Manager


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