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eMan a Founding Member of AAVIT [PRESS RELEASE]

In the spring of this year, the Association for Applied Research in IT (Czech: AAVIT) was established to support the Czech IT sector. Its main agenda includes, for example, the digitization of state administration and the establishment of GDP in the field of applied research. The Prague software house eMan is one of the founding members.

AAVIT members operate within a wide range of segments from digitization, through development activities, to the production of special industrial machinery. Together, they aim to support all the interests of companies and individuals operating in applied IT research.

An integral part of the association’s activities is to support the necessary digitization of state administration, where industry experts provide the needed advice and know-how. Among other things, it also addresses the labor market, job creation, and job retention.


eMan as a promoter of Czech digitization

Right now, when the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed not only the global but also the Czech economy, the IT segment is on the rise. Many companies, as well as state institutions, are taking up digitization, thanks to which companies like eMan have received more and more business.

“We feel the need to provide our entire IT industry with a framework and clear rules. Digitization can significantly streamline and simplify the management of companies and municipalities, which is why it is necessary to explain and promote these aspects throughout the Czech society,” says Michal Košek, Chief Operating Officer at eMan.

eMan, whose clients include Škoda Auto, ČSOB, PPL, ČEZ and E.ON, achieved record revenues of 175 million CZK last year, and this year expects to exceed 200 million CZK. In August 2020, eMan successfully entered the Prague START Stock Exchange.

Other AAVIT members include Fermat, TopMonks and Oliver Dlouhý’s Kiwi.

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Regina Záhejská
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