eMan has developed an app for ABB. Managing robots has never been easier [PRESS RELEASE]

The leading Czech software supplier eMan has developed a tailor-made application for ABB, specifically for the ABB Robotics and Automation division. The company can now easily handle any request or robot management in one intuitive environment. The ABB Infoservice web and mobile app for iOS and Android is available on PC, phone or tablet. Within just one month of its launch, 30 per cent of the company's customers have switched to it.

The new app unifies communication for users who previously had to use traditional methods such as phone or email to contact the service department. The app simplifies and streamlines communication for both users and the service department. All management, monitoring, reporting of possible robot faults, recording of service interventions, appropriate accessories or routine operational communication is now handled by the company through one intuitive and easy-to-use environment.       

“The application covers the entire service ecosystem from consultation to ordering spare parts, installation and invoicing. It simplifies robot inspections for a wide range of staff, monitors all events, notifies the customer of important information from ABB’s digital service via notifications, and also allows the customer to use chat with a service specialist,” explains Leoš Mikulka, Solution Architect at eMan.

User-friendly and real-time application

The new application from the developers at eMan is built on ABB’s existing back-end. This has been extended with new features and, above all, a user-friendly front-end. The most important step in the development was to take over the know-how and understanding of the existing ecosystem. The challenge was to create a real-time chat between client and technician through which documents could also be shared.

“Thanks to the good interplay between the two parties, we launched the new app in April 2023 and already in the first month 30% of our regular customers started using it. To date, 68% of clients have already tried the solution. The app streamlines communication and simplifies robot operations for our customers. The contribution of eMan’s experts goes beyond simply fulfilling our requirements. They are actively developing new improvements and features,” comments Viktor Červený, Digital Service Manager, ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation.

Under the hood

The new app runs in both mobile and web interfaces for both iOS and Android operating systems. The developers used Kotlin to develop the Android version of the app and Swift for the iOS platform. For the web app, React technology was used. The app is available in two languages.  Considering the variety of devices that end clients prefer in operation, it was necessary to think about the responsiveness of the application on PC, mobile and tablet. 

Product Discovery with end users in mind

The visual aspect of the app also comes from eMan. The developers worked extensively on UX and UI design. To ensure that the app would be as useful as possible for end users, the entire solution went through a Product Discovery process at the beginning of the project. This is one of the most important phases in product design and consists of testing the prototype with real users. The project was managed in an agile manner, with individual features being added based on the real needs of the end users, and the collaboration of all teams was effective in preventing downtime and speeding up the entire development process.

“We have a good architecture that allows us to scale the team efficiently. We worked on the project with a team of 10 people whose work was intertwined. Thanks to the technologies we use, there is no inter-team delay. This gives us high flexibility and efficiency in project management,” explains Lubomír Švorčík, project manager at eMan.


Detailed information in the ABB Infoservice case study

Tomas Cermak
Member of the Board of Directors, eMan a.s. & CMO