Automated testing in practice: the key to efficiency and thoroughness

In today's fast-paced world of software development, it is essential to test applications efficiently and thoroughly. Whether mobile or web applications, automated testing is crucial in ensuring software quality and reliability. This article will examine how automated testing can transform the software development process and bring immense benefits.

What is automated testing?

Automated testing uses specialised software tools to run and validate test scenarios automatically. The advantage is that developers and testers don’t have to manually run each test, saving time and reducing the possibility of human error.


Practical example: a “self-service” application

Imagine a new customer acquisition application with different processes for different types of customers and commodities. Without automated testing, each change would require manual testing of all possible scenarios, which is time-consuming and error-prone.


Solution: Cucumber and BDD

We can create natural language tests by leveraging a tool like Cucumber, which supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). This allows for easy communication between technical and non-technical team members and ensures that everyone clearly understands what the application does and how it should work.


Key Benefits of Automated Testing

  1. Time and cost savings. Test automation can significantly reduce testing time and increase test frequency.
  2. Accuracy and consistency. Eliminates human error and ensures consistent results.
  3. Fast feedback. Developers receive immediate information about the impact of their changes.
  4. Better test coverage. Ability to test multiple scenarios and conditions that might be overlooked in manual testing.


Implementing automated testing

Automated testing requires careful planning and implementation. It is important to define which application parts need to be tested and create appropriate test scenarios. Using tools like Playwright for browser-based automation and integrating tests into the CI/CD pipeline increases the efficiency of the entire process.



Automated testing is an invaluable tool for every developer and test engineer. It brings efficiency and consistency and allows teams to focus on higher-priority and value-added tasks.

Pavel Kalný