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Ruby on fire on (the) Rails!

The smell of grilled meat rises above the rails. More than 50 enthusiasts in the Ruby programming language meet at Zizkov Freight Station to learn something new. And to enjoy good food, of course.

The Rails Grills 1.0 event which we helped organize was launched on Friday the 25th of August 2017, at 14:00. The premiere of the barbecue meeting for Ruby enthusiasts (and not just for them) had already taken place at the beginning of July, but we really made it a blast this time. And right on the rails. Both juicy burgers and vegan alternatives were prepared and ice cold beer was not missing either.

On the program, there were four lectures.

Lukáš Pokorný showed us how he creates a new environment for every change for both customers and testers in Easy Software. The required database or configuration included, of course.

An inspirational talk about pair programming was performed by Merve Taner. She explained to us how to start and what we will have to overcome once we decide to use pair programming.

Jan Strnádek pointed on a complex system of rights and roles explaining how to use the trees to optimize SQL queries before executing them. He also revealed how to cache this data more economically to individual users.

The last contribution was Hacking as a service by Balasz Kutil who showed off bounty programming and gave us tips on how to communicate with ethical hackers.

In order not to speak only theoretically, we competed for three RubyMine licenses. Two were won by Alexey Shchepin and Ondřej Moravčík. The last license was awarded to Jan Kryštof Svoboda and Antonina Lebedeva, who tried out their newly acquired knowledge of pair programming.

We were really busy all afternoon. You didn’t make it to the event? Don’t fret. Another spicy Rails Grills will take place in Ostrava on September 29th, 2017. Don’t miss it!

Jana Lochmanová
Event Manager

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