Why consulting increases business efficiency

Everyone needs advice sometimes, and this is doubly true when making business decisions. Experienced business consultants help you orient yourself in the rapidly changing world of technology.

Digitization should not be underestimated. On the contrary, it is advisable to go through the whole implementation process from A to Z. For example – do you know what is involved in the design and structure of the application used for communication between a car and its driver, including other improvements? Or what moves the world of design and development in specific industries? These are issues that certain Czech companies have addressed when digitizing their projects.

A consultant facilitates a precise understanding between both parties, the transfer and provision of information, the presentation of solutions, the connection of the technical with the business side and, especially, the resolution of the problem. Companies that propose meaningless and expensive solutions with the prospect of getting paid (thereby resulting in a dissatisfied client), will no longer succeed in the market. Proper and effective communication aims to help the client in the first place, and to deliver the best possible solution.

The four basic questions

Whether it be a primary business plan or an estimate of the digitization solution needed, it is always important to ask these questions: why do I want it, what exactly do I need, how will it be implemented, and how much will it cost? A clear idea of the output greatly simplifies the whole process and better meets the targeted expectations. Answering the question “for how much” will confirm or refute the meaningfulness of the entire business plan.

When a client contacts us, they often have only a vague idea of exactly what they need. We then conduct a comprehensive discussion with such a client about the purpose and method of implementation, we propose a specific solution, and we discuss the costs of implementation. Often the client does not understand the full context, i.e. the connection between what they do and how it fits into their business model. Equally important, of course, is that it not be expensive.

IT specialist, salesperson, and financial advisor, all in one

Companies that help with process digitization consider time efficiency and precision to be the foundation of their business. Although consultants fill a slightly different role in each IT company, as a rule, they help all stakeholders to meet the set goals. Consultants represent a stormy combination in IT companies – they are expected to have knowledge of the IT field, business experience, and an understanding of the financial side of the project.

Consultations are consistent with the long-term direction of eMan. We consider clients as our partners, and we want to bring a certain added value to the relationship. Through consultations, we also minimize risks, costs, and time, both for the client and for us.

At eMan, we like to use the Lean methodology, an approach that helps effectively lead to a clearly-defined goal without unnecessary dead ends. By focusing only on activities that have clear added value, it eliminates any inefficient processes and outputs without added value.

An equal partnership is the foundation

Whether it be a short consultation or a more time-consuming project, we want to achieve a partnership with each and every client – to eliminate all unpleasant debates, processes, and differentiating positions. From the first contact, we show that they can always turn to us with anything, and that we can honestly and with the best of intentions advise and solve any problem.

We make sure that our role is visible throughout the whole process and, most importantly, that it is felt. In addition to complete communication and client diagnosis, we always strive to come up with something extra, to be one step ahead, and to keep the client involved.

That “something extra” is warranted

The added value of a project can take many forms and relate to various areas – added financial value, greater user comfort, process simplification, etc. The aim of the consultant is to clearly identify, evaluate, and describe and present this added value.

Clients have already discovered the added value of their projects with us, for example at ČSOB Pojišťovna in sales of special insurance products, at ČEZ in setting up their wholesale system, and at ŠKODA AUTO in the development of their mobile platform for drivers of their cars.

Thanks to properly performed consulting work and mutual cooperation, the efficiency of an organization can be permanently improved and benefited from in the long run.

Martin Giertl
Division manager