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Humans of eMan: Lucie Valentová

In this episode of the Humans of eMan series, we will introduce you to our finance department support specialist, Lucka Valentová.

Your favorite life story?
My best friend and I once flew to Denmark. We booked accommodation in advance, but didn’t realize that it wasn’t in Denmark, but in the city of Malmö, across the bridge in Sweden. So we unexpectedly extended the trip with a visit to another country.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
My biggest passion is making costumes and doing makeup. That’s why you can find me at most annual events for children, where we make fairy-tale or scary characters. Even at the eMan Halloween party, my makeup collection has always been a hit. I also love baking, I don’t get to it much these days, but the final product is definitely worth it.

The way to eMan, the way at eMan
My father, who actually made the furniture for eMan’s office, gave me their number. I took the plunge and started working as a receptionist. But, given my studies in finance, I was clear where I wanted to go. So I waited for the opportunity, which came up about half a year later, and I grabbed it. I’ve been in the finance department for a year and a half and I still enjoy it.

One thing that comes to mind about eMan?
I’m glad that I can have such great colleagues who will help me with anything. Thanks to them, I enjoy being in the office all day.

You and the work process
The finance department is, frankly, still evolving. Every month we have new procedures, designed to simplify the work for ourselves and others. So I have to keep learning. Sometimes it’s hard, but with a boss as good as mine, it’s manageable.

Jan Dibitanzl