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Automotive OS: what can we expect?

Since 2017, when Google first officially introduced Android Automotive OS (AAOS) to the public, this operating system has been slowly seeing more light on car dashboards. How is AAOS doing in 2021, and could it be a revolution like the one Android enjoyed on the mobile phone scene years ago?

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Infotainment: Smart car’s brain

The user enters her smart car. Her favorite playlist starts playing, a message is sent to her family, a notification of low fuel pops up with a suggested gas station that has the lowest prices and is along the way. This isn’t Sci-Fi, this is an everyday reality. What technologies make this possible and why is infotainment the most important part?

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How the new web www.eman.cz was created

After half a year of preparation we launched a new version of our website www.eman.cz at the beginning of March. In addition to a completely new design the web offers above all comfortable browsing on various types of devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

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