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eMan on START Day 2021

After half a year, the Prague Stock Exchange is coming up with its spring event START Day 2021.

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eMan at mDevCamp 2019

On the last day of May, Prague hosted the biggest conference for mobile app developers in Central Europe.  And, as always, we did not miss the chance to be one of the partners of the event. How was it? AWESOME. There were over 700 attendees from 28 countries. Interesting talks, an action-packed program, stands from various IT companies, and several workshops. That was mDevCamp 2019.

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Action packed 2018 and 138 hours of awesomeness

We roll not only while producing software solutions. We had 30 events for our colleagues in 2018. We enjoy spending time together also outside of work. Last year it took us whole 138 hours! Interested to find out everything that happened?

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Hackathon Q-ton, eMan, Jiri Pech

Backstage bits of Q-TON 3.0

The first hackathon, that eMan organized together with Qest, is over. Why did we go for it and what was the expected result? What new technologies were used by the participants and what challenges did they face? And, last but not least, what’s interesting about the hackathon trophy?

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eMan is heading into space

Twenty years ago, the first part of the international ISS station was dispatched into orbit. It was a tremendous success at that time. At eMan we share the enthusiasm for the developments that push human boundaries further and further. That is why we are cooperating with Honeywell Aerospace and are always hungry for more interesting projects.

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eMan Do práce na kole 2018

Getting up before dawn has its perks

This year eMan once again participated in the Bike To Work competition. And we rocked it; we won the title of Prague’s most bike-oriented employer of 2018 and our COO Michal Kosek is this year’s second-best performing cyclist. What did our teams experience during their rides and how did we support them?

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mobile world congress 2018

Journey to the future: Mobile World Congress 2018

eMan can’t miss any event presenting the latest technologies! This year, the MWC introduced new trends in AR, VR, Smart City and automotive. Let’s look at the most important ones.

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Rails Grills 1.2 did not lack anything, not even custom motorcycles

eMan helped to organize a barbecue for Ruby on Rails supporters for the second time and it was a spectacle to behold; the scent of grilled meat mixed with motor oil and talks about APIs, financial data, and microservices. Would you like to see footage?

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Augmented reality will help architects as well as excavator operators

Hackathon Q-TON 2.0 was held at Forum Karlín in Prague during the last weekend in November. It was the second event of its kind held on the premises of the companies Qest automation, UP21 and a few other sister projects. Smart City was the topic, and eMan experts were available to seven teams working on various visions of the city from the not too distant future.

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David Vavra

DevFest: We’re riding a wave with eMan

We really enjoyed DevFest as both partners and visitors. But why was the largest (not only) Google tech festival in Central Europe moved back to Prague? What were the main obstacles for organizers and what support did they get directly from Google? To get to the bottom of all of this, we talked with the main organizer, David Vávra.

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