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Humans of eMan: Vojtěch Zicha

He draws, sketches, connects, builds foundations, and constructs floor upon floor. Introducing Vojtěch, architect. Our project architect.

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Humans of eMan: Cyril Černý and Petr Ulrych

Meet our tandem of colleagues Cyril and Petr – the indispensable backbone of our support department.

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Pavel Kalný appointed as head of eMan’s technology division. His focus is on AI and blockchain technology [PRESS RELEASE]

Pavel Kalný, a new addition to the Prague eMan software house since the beginning of March, has been named CTO, replacing Jiří Pech. In addition to coordinating individual teams, his agenda will be to promote an innovative approach to modern technologies, as well as helping clients find new opportunities for digitization.

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Eva Čeřovská – Operations & Sales Consultant

Humans of eMan: Eva Čeřovská

Eva can't imagine a life without dancing, and we can't imagine life without Eva. Countless colleagues at eMan have relied on her work for the past couple of years, and some internal systems would not run at all without her. Meet Eva in the newest installment of Humans of eMan!

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Meet Jose – our North American leader who fell in love with Czechia while roaming around the countryside on his motorcycle. Learn more about him in this, our next installment of Humans of eMan!

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European Small and Mid-Cap Awards 2021

We are pleased with the nomination provided to us by the Prague Stock Exchange. In the 9th edition of the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards 2021, we are included in the "Star of 2021" category. The awards ceremony will take place in November 2021 in Portorož, Slovenia.

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eMan starts working for Volkswagen [PRESS RELEASE]

eMan has entered into a framework agreement with the German car giant Volkswagen. For two years, the Prague software house will provide IT services, including the development of "smart" user applications. The contract is for 4.5 million euros.

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HUMANS OF EMAN: Michal Czinner

In today's episode of Humans, we introduce one of the seniors at eMan, who, in addition to the peaks of the technological world, has also conquered the peaks of the Alps. Michal Czinner, our CFO.

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Humans of eMan: TADEÁŠ BARTOŇ

From sports the law of attraction led him through a gaming studio, to corporate, to project management at eMan. Meet Thaddeus.

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Humans of eMan: Lucie Valentová

In this episode of the Humans of eMan series, we will introduce you to our finance department support specialist, Lucka Valentová.

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