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Why to handle the development of mobile applications through outsourcing

Mobile application development is not a simple matter. It usually takes several weeks or months. An experienced and coordinated team is a must. You can embark on development on your own, using your own resources. However, a more effective and safer option is usually to entrust development to an experienced development company that takes care of both the actual design and application development, as well as the subsequent operation, updating and application promotion.

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eMan is a partner of the student contest EBEC

eMan supports young talent. This time, we are sponsoring the student competition EBEC or European BEST Engineering Competition. EBEC is a technical competition of four-member teams of CTU students. The event will be held this Wednesday, November 4, 2015 on the premises of Czech Technical University in Prague.

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We really understand the security of mobile solutions. And we are not afraid to talk about it

The security of mobile applications has been a big topic recently. This area should not be underestimated. Our expert on this issue Vladimír Toman spoke about this at the conference The World of Informatics in Finance yesterday. The event took place at the City Conference Center in Prague.

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eMan helped to start a meal vouchers revolution through a solution developed for Edenred

For Edenred, a publisher of Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers and the meal vouchers leader on the Czech market, we have developed a unique solution through which innkeepers can now accept payments via mobile phone or tablets with Android. Just simply attach the electronic meal voucher card Ticket Restaurant Card to a mobile device and it is paid.

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Martin Pelant is heading to Facebook after four years at eMan

eMan is a hotbed of talents. The proof is the fact that Facebook has chosen our developer Martin Pelant for its team. Martin is one of the few Czechs, who has managed to successfully undergo the demanding recruitment process and become a member of the development team at Facebook.

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Bohemia Energy, a solution for concluding new contracts through tablets, the IT Project 2014

The Czech Association of Chief Information Officers announced the results of the 12th annual contest IT Project of the Year yesterday. Among the three winning IT projects of 2014, there is also a solution for the concluding of new contracts through Bohemia Energy tablets, that was developed by eMan s. r. o. and Servodata a. s. This unique solution has enabled the company Bohemia Energy, the largest alternative energy supplier in the Czech Republic, to successfully move from paper forms to the fully electronic signing of new contracts. Sales representatives of the company now conclude 90% of all contracts by using tablets and the contract processing time has been reduced from the previous 14 days to just 2 days.

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Web eMan.cz won 2nd place in the competition WebTop100

Our corporate website eMan.cz gained the great second place in the category of IT companies in the 13th year of the prestigious competition WebTop100.

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eMan has developed a new version of the mobile application Slevomat

For the biggest Czech discount portal Slevomat, we have developed a new and completely redesigned version of the mobile application. Shopping for discount lovers will now be even better, as well more pleasant. The new version introduces many new features and improvements.

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Mobile app made by eMan will familiarize you with the TEDx events

We all in eMan are fans of sharing ideas that are worth spreading. That is the reason why we decided to become a partner of the world-wide known TEDx movement in Prague. Under the terms of the partnership we developed a mobile application TEDxPrague which enables participants of the upcoming conference titled "under the surface" to have all the information at hand.

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eMan and BigBow bring the internet of things in the world of sports

BigBow helps sports players to achieve better performance by providing detailed information on various performance and game parameters. All the information is available on the web almost in a real time in the form of detailed statistics and charts (fully responsive web of the BigBow company can be comfortably browsed on mobile phones and tablets as [...]

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