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The dark side of agile development 3/5: Our client, our soulmate

The Agile Manifesto is a very functional and effective concept. But multinational corporations sometimes interpret it in their own way and distort its ideas. Therefore, when I talk about the dark side of agile, I must also devote some time to the dangers of a foolishly designed project proposal by the client.

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The dark side of agile development 2/5: Do you know how? YES/NO

The project manager is not keeping up with deadlines, bugs are in every line of code, and the budget is under fire. But don't worry, a miraculous red pill glimmers on the horizon. An agile world in which everything flows like a dream. For those who cannot manage good results in traditional project management, it’s perfect. Sit back as we watch one of the biggest mistakes about agile, in real time.

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The dark side of agile development 1/5: Theory aside. Deliver a functional product

I was there when agile development was introduced at eBay. I worked as a Scrum Master in a software house. And since I joined eMan, I‘ve gotten some experience as a software supplier to multinational companies. I like agile, but nobody talks about its dark side. The time has come to shine a light on it.

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Exploring the possibilities of augmented reality

Technological development is racing ahead at full speed, and functions of augmented reality (AR) can be found in our smartphones for quite some time now. At eMan, we’ve been working with AR since 2011. And that’s quite a while! So, in this article, we’d like to do a brief overview of the most interesting projects that we’ve worked on so far.

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Jiri Horyna, CEO eMan, eMan CEO, Horyna Jiri

Jiri Horyna: We want to continue expanding abroad

When a new year begins, you reflect on the past one and plan for the one ahead. So naturally, it’s the best time to talk with our CEO Jiri Horyna about eMan’s plans for 2019.

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eMan is heading into space

Twenty years ago, the first part of the international ISS station was dispatched into orbit. It was a tremendous success at that time. At eMan we share the enthusiasm for the developments that push human boundaries further and further. That is why we are cooperating with Honeywell Aerospace and are always hungry for more interesting projects.

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eman infotainment smart cars automotive solutions

Infotainment: Smart car’s brain

The user enters her smart car. Her favorite playlist starts playing, a message is sent to her family, a notification of low fuel pops up with a suggested gas station that has the lowest prices and is along the way. This isn’t Sci-Fi, this is an everyday reality. What technologies make this possible and why is infotainment the most important part?

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e.on econtracts eman iea 2018

E.ON EContracts won the IEA 2018 competition

eMan is no stranger to the most important Czech competition evaluating the effectivity of digital projects. This year we took first place in the energy and utility category with our E.ON EContracts solution. And our Škoda OneApp came second in the mobile apps category.

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selfcar app, customer service app

Self-service is the future of customer care

“To repeat the selection, press star.” Automated voices and being on hold tend to irritate most of us. For quite a long time, self-service apps were considered a nice plus but nowadays they are becoming the foundation of outstanding customer care. Why is that and what can be done about it?

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Michal Kosek, Tomas Cermak, Jiri Horyna, Jan Horyna

eMan buys back its share from Jablotron

In January 2016 Jablotron acquired a part of eMan, the leading Czech software developer. After more than two years, both parties have agreed to end the ongoing cooperation. Therefore, the founders of eMan are buying back from Jablotron their 60% share of the company. The value of the transaction is in the tens of millions of Czech crowns.

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