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CNGvitall Mobile Application helps you find the nearest filling station for CNG

If you possess a car that goes on compressed natural gas (CNG) or if you are considering buying this kind of car you may find useful the new mobile application called CNGvitall. The app, developed for Noncore, helps you find the nearest CNG filling station.

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Download the Pilsen Mobile Application and enjoy Pilsen

If you plan a trip to Pilsen you may find useful a new application developed by eMan for the city. As the name of the application Pilsen suggests, the app serves as a guide that helps you explore many interesting places in the western part of the Czech Republic.

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EuroOil Mobile App is very useful when travelling

eMan developed a mobile application EuroOil for Čepro for smartphones using Android and iOS and it provides many useful functions. The application can search for the nearest petrol stations and you can also evaluate them there. It also gives advice on how to drive safely and how to give first aid.

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