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eMan is the first in CR to start developing applications for Google Glass

eMan company is the first developer studio in the Czech Republic, which started to develop applications for Google Glass. We own the first piece that came to the Czech Republic.

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eMan together with Samsung organizes seminars dedicated to the use of mobile technologies

eMan company has been trying to educate the market in the field of the use of mobile technologies in business and other areas of life in a long term. A part of these efforts is a series of seminars mBusiness Sessions. The first meeting, which took place on the 5th of June 2013, bore the subtitle “Mobile solutions as an effective tool for business.” eMan organized this event in cooperation with the Czech subsidiary of Samsung.

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Eman together with Samsung held the first of the seminars mBusiness Sessions

The seminar “Mobile solutions as an effective tool for business” will be held on the 5th of June 2013. The event is a part of free series of seminars mBusiness Sesssions that eMan organizes together with Samsung.

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Download the new version of The City of Pilsen app for Windows 8

Since today the new version of the application The City of Pilsen, which we developed for the municipality of Pilsen, is available for download on the Windows Store. This is our first Windows Store application that can be downloaded by all owners of devices with operating system Windows 8, whether tablets or laptops.

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eMan scored again in the prestigious IT Project with its TaxiAgent solution

On the 20th of February 2013, eMan achieved a remarkable success on the festive ceremony of the IT Project of the Year, as well as the last year. In the fierce competition of the largest Czech software companies, we fought our way to the finals with the TaxiAgent solution. Last year we scored with our mobile application eDatart.

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Work out with GymTracer

The new year begun just month ago, your New Year´s resolutions therefore may not be faded into obscurity yet. If you made a decision for a regular workout in the fitness centre (again), we have an interesting tip for a useful assistant, which can help you to hold on and achieve desired results. The assistant is a training system GymTracer which we developed for a company Enterprise Mobile Development.

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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2013

We are at the beginning of the year 2013, it is therefore the ideal time to summarize the trends that will move the world of mobile communications. The industry is characterized by considerable dynamism and news are pouring to us from all sides. In the text below, I have tried to extract from this mass of information the overview of the top 10 most important mobile trends that will influence the mobile world in the upcoming twelve months.

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PF 2013

We thank all our customers, trading partners, team members and friends for their favour and support over the past year.

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Application dTest won an Application for masses award at AppParade

Application dTest won an Application for masses award at ninth year of AppParade mobile applications show. The price is awarded by, the main partner of the event. The vote of the audience ranked dTest at a fifth place. In total, 18 projects tried to win the favour with the audience.

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Popular application mParkovani already available for Android

The mobile app mParkovani is now available for owners of smartphones with Android. Following the versions for iPhone and OS Bada motorists, who strongly developed the taste for Android, finally lived to see the new version.

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